Will Pakistan Peoples Party rise again?

Many are convinced that Pakistan Peoples Party has gone with the wind, but many others believe it will rise again. Those who are convinced have left its ranks and joined other parties mainly Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf but some also have gone farther and have joined Pakistan Muslim League N. Others who still believe in a miracle have no option but to wait. There is not one group of believers but rather individuals from different groups.


These groups or camps can be categorized as, the conventional, the ideological and the emotional. The conventional or traditional camp wants to enjoy the same old feudal prestige and so it is clinging with PPP. The ideological camp wants to bring a “socialist revolution” in “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” so it is trying to keep PPP alive because in its view the only “Proletariat’s tradition” in Pakistan is Pakistan Peoples Party. The emotional camp is not clear on what it wants but rather what it feels and it feels one day PPP will rise again and it will shout, “Zinda hai Bhutto Zinda Hai”, (long live Bhutto).

What’s on the surface is pretty obvious and can be concluded as a battle between PPP and its enemies. But who really is an enemy of PPP, when it has compromised on everything from its ideology to the assassinations of its former leaders. Is it someone outside or inside PPP. What’s inside is difficult to see and understand. Different factions have derived power from PPP’s “mighty days” but now it has become a liability an introduction which many don’t want to have.

Miss calculations have a historical relationship with Pakistan Peoples Party on both ends. When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto the founding chairman of PPP was arrested and later jailed he “miss-calculated” public support for him and waited for them to rush over military’s General Headquarter, but nothing such happened. When his daughter Benazir Bhutto came to Pakistan PPP supporters and voters “miss-calculated” and perceived an end to their miseries. They thought Benazir Bhutto will provide them what Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had promised but could not provide due to his “extra-judicial murder”. But she was assassinated and so does the promise of providing ‘’ROTI, KAPRA, and MAKAN”, (bread, clothing and shelter).

There was another miss-calculation about which many don’t know. It was a perspective from leftists, socialists, and Marxists, who follow Leon Trotsky’s interims policy and are busy in promoting socialist thoughts in Pakistan Peoples Party and workers’ movement, which again in their view is only Pakistan Peoples Party. The saw a revolution, a socialist revolution in Pakistan right after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and declared that there is no existence of Pakistani state. But they confused Pakistani state with the government of that time. So “miss-calculated” a revolution.

Keeping the historical “miss-calculations” in mind, it could be rightly said that those who are seeing PPP’s rise in future are again doing wishful thinking. They are as wrong as Bhutto was when he expected people to overthrow everything to bring him out of his cell. They are as wrong as those innocent people who dreamed Roti, Kapra, and Makan. And as wrong as those “socialists” who gave the perspective of a socialist revolution through Pakistan Peoples Party after Benazir’s assassination.

One important thing which has been neglected while analyzing PPP’s potential rebuild is the reason behind its fall at the first place. This time,  PPP wasn’t divided from the top, it was divided from the bottom. Previously there was no bridge in between so-called center-left and right, between Pakistan Peoples Party standing at center-left and Pakistan Muslim League standing at right and far right, but now there was Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insafe, an NGO turned to political party which got all necessary support and backing and waved from left to right in no time and now has reached far right. But in a short time in its huge swing PTI has won previous feudal lords of PPP, all kind of mafias and also so-called socialists. Even many diehard Jiyalas started believing that PTI is new PPP.

Now the question is still in many circles, will PPP rise again, and if yes, how it will. Some expect Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will act like his grandfather and mother and soon there will be a renaissance of PPP. Others have a much-complicated solution and they believe PPP will rise if it will turn to its basic program which according to them is socialism. But I don’t agree with so called socialists’ blind optimism. I think PPP can’t rise through socialism. As this is no more tradition of working class in this country… but that debate needs a separate blog. Also to opt for a socialist path or to turn to its basic it lacks the will, ability, and leadership. It can rise through the rhetoric of Bhuttoism and under table dealings, like mainstream politics and by injecting a lot really a lot of capital to win feudal, mafias, and Jiyalas back and to create new outlets and stakeholders.

Writer is pursuing his MPhil at Iqra University Islamabad and blogs at Kashmirica.wordpress.com go say hello @imrankhushaal

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