Why Kashmir cannot be an integral part of India?

Kashmirca, Imran Khushal's Blog
Kashmirca, Imran Khushal’s Blog

India claims; Kashmir is its integral part, here’s why Kashmir cannot be an integral part of India? I maintained that: It is for Kashmiris to decide whether Kashmir will become someone’s integral part or otherwise and if they have eyes and ears they can see and hear what Indian minorities are going through under a so-called secular and socialist India run by Hindu extremists and followers of Hindutva. They can see the atrocities of the Indian forces in Nagaland, Assam, Punjab and more vividly in Jammu and Kashmir.

So Kashmiris will not buy a minority status with blood and blood of their ancestors in a country which does not guarantee any fundamental rights for its minorities yet claims to be the world’s largest democracy. Kashmir cannot be an integral part of India for the sake of Kashmiris and let’s say if it becomes an integral part of India it would be anything but not Kashmir. It would not be Kashmir in its historical, cultural, and traditional sense. Click here to read my latest blog post on SAMAA TV


  1. mukul chand

    Formation of Pakistan was based on religion. Those who did not wish to be part of Republic of India left and settled in Pakistan. this option can be taken today as well. As far as the erstwhile Kingdom of Kashmir is concerned ( it was part of Ranjit Singh’s Kingdom and under the Mughals before that) it was acceded by the then ruler Hari Singh to the Union of India. ( this included areas known as POK and Gilgit in Pak administered areas) . If you wish to create your own History you can do so, but facts will be unchanged.

    1. Imran Khushal

      1. Was that accession has aspirations of Kashmiris?
      2. Accessions are not something permanent, it depends how a country treats its units, in India’s case Kashmir was not treated as it should be so if there was a conditional accession at first place it becomes irrelevant.
      3. History when comes to Kashmir either represents Pakistan’s point of view or India’s, where are Kashmiris in it?
      4. Thanks for your comment.

  2. crystal0109blog

    Dispute of Kashmir is not only about a piece of land, its about THOUSANDS of people, children and women who have sacrificed and suffered a lot for their rights. I really hope that Kashmir find its destiny and get its voice heard around the world. Being a Pakistani and a human , I really hope for the best of Kashmir.

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