Indian shelling hits more villages, wounds 1 in Azad Kashmir

In its second week of continued shelling, Indian forces targeted Chowki, Marohta and adjacent villages of Kotli’s Khuiratta sector.

The shelling, which started on Sunday evening and continued for hours, wounded Hadiqa Faiz, a 19-year-old resident of Chowki, a village about 5 kilometers from the line of control.

“Indian Army fired 19 rockets in about five hours and one targeted our house”, Raja Anwaar, a resident of the village said.

“It smashed the parapet, damaged the vehicle and destroyed the water tank, doors and windows”, Anwaar added.

Sunday’s firing was second “heaviest shelling” after last week’s shelling which wounded 8, according to the residents of the area.

“The silence of politicians, Pakistan army, media and peace organizations is ironic”, a local said.

Pakistan Inter-services Public Relation office did not issue any press release about the shelling.


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