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A little late but again; why did Donald Trump win?

With the presidency of Donald J. Trump, a more violent world is waiting for all of us. The future will be more uncertain and unpredictable than it was ever before. Also, the chances of a nuclear warfare under such leadership can’t be ruled out. But it is important to note that there is not only one trump in the United States, they are everywhere in every country and Yes they are prime ministers and presidents.

Kundan Lal Saigal (1904-1947), the great Kashmiri Singer and the first superstar of the Hindi film industry

Play Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya  (Based on excerpts from an article by  Har Mandir Singh ‘Hamraaz’ & Harish Raghuwanshi  and writeup from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Kundan Lal Saigal was born on 11th April 1904 at Nawa Shahar in Jammu State.  His father Amar Chand Sehgal was a Tehsildar in the court of the then state …

Main Neeva Mera Murshad Ucha — Written By: Mian Muhammad Bakhash Sung By: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

| Peer-e-kaamil gham gusar-e-do jahaN | Peer-e-kamil raazdar-e-kun fikaN Main neevaN mera murshad ucha, uchheaN de sang laai Sadqe jaavaN ehna ucheyaN toh, jinhaN neeveyaN naal nibhai | Je yaar farid jay karam kare | AibaN walariaN de mathe laalariaN Sadqe jaavaN ehna ucheyaN toh, jinhaN neeveyaN naal nibhai | Main mandari haan te kih …